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Why Digital Format?

There can be no doubt that the way in which we acquire knowledge and receive information has changed dramatically over the past few years. The use of the internet and access to information by means of new and diverse devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones have opened up immense possibilities for parents, educators and specialists. We have decided to opt for the eBook format and use it as the only way to disseminate our material, taking into account five key competitive advantages presented by eBooks:

  1. The eBooks we produce are environmentally friendly as they are appropriately structured, in a way that only one of their components needs to be printed out. Studies have demonstrated that this type of eBooks can help us reduce stationery expenses by about 30%.
  2. We are convinced that eBooks open up a highly promising and innovative avenue for disseminating knowledge and intervention materials aimed at effectively nurturing the development of children's skills. Ebooks enable us to make important savings on other publishing costs, such as expenses for printing, binding, shipping and dispatching the books, so that we can channel these savings to other productive activities.
  3. Ebooks can be obtained at any place, at any time and by any desired means. The whole purchase process is fully automatised and representatives of are there to support you on a daily basis. What is more, eBooks make it easy for you to take them with you wherever you go and store them on all your electronic devices.
  4. Our eBooks are supremely flexible as they are made up of worksheets that are specially designed for being printed out. The worksheets can be printed out for as many times as needed until your learner(s) can move to the next level.  
  5. You can be sure that the digital material of our library is constantly renewed, as each eBook title is enriched with new activities and worksheets every single year. All eBook buyers then receive, automatically and free of charge, all the updates for the eBooks they have purchased.