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We are delighted to be offering you a fresh perspective on publishing and promoting your work: you can now reach your audience through the digital library of We are interested in working with academics, mental health therapists, educators and professionals working in the field of special education and children's skills development.


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Our collaboration proposal involves the production and publication of specialised diagnosis and intervention material in eBook format. We are looking for innovative material that can cater to the needs of modern professionals. Our aim is to digitally publish a selective number of scientifically outstanding works. We are particularly interested in works containing worksheets, diagnostic tools, intervention methods, educational manuals, specialised teaching material and so on. There are significant benefits to be gained by prospective authors:

  • At we undertake the production and publishing of a very specific number of eBooks each year, while supporting our authors to the best of our ability. We work and excel exclusively in one subject area: Special Education.
  • Our qualified staff are actively present at all the stages of the eBook creation process, from concept to delivery and beyond. We can undertake the tasks of creative design, proofreading, cover page creation, ISBN number assignment, scientific copyediting and so on, depending on the author's needs. 
  • You can trust us to be fast paced and team-oriented. Making the most of cutting-edge technology and drawing on our extensive experience, we are there to make sure that all the tasks required for the completion and publication of your eBook are expertly dealt with and professionally accomplished, not just fast but also to the highest of standards. 
  • We are committed to safeguarding our authors' rights. Before we can actually start working with you, we sign a contract that fully safeguards the intellectual property rights of your content while granting the right to distribute your eBook. 
  • Your eBook will be promoted across a highly developed communication platform including - but definitely not limited to - the website of, the mailing list tool, the social media, press releases, advertising campaigns through the internet and so much more.
  • Authors are kept regularly informed about the progress of their books by the team of, who are always on-hand to provide them with up-to-date information in real time. What is more, authors receive a highly competitive percentage for granting the right to distribute their work.  



Frequently Asked Questions

You Ask, We Answer

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How are my intellectual property rights safeguarded?

Before we can actually start working with you, we sign a contract that fully safeguards your rights. The eBooks are sold through an entirely automated process using the sales system of The links to the eBook files are encoded and each file is automatically assigned a code indicating the buyer who owns the eBook.


How will I be remunerated for my work?

Our authors' pay amounts to a specific percentage of the sales of their eBook and their remuneration is paid at predetermined intervals via bank transfer. This percentage is decided in terms of the degree to which the team of will have to be involved in the production process of the eBook and is specified as soon as the project requirements have been thoroughly set out.


How "ready" does my initial material have to be?

When you first contact us, we do not expect to receive a completed project, but rather a representative sample of your work along with information on the purpose of your material and the group it is addressed to, information on the bibliography used (if any) and some information as to why you think your material can be of value to the audience you would like to reach.

How can I be sure that my eBook will be effectively promoted?

The site of receives more than 1.000,000 visits a year while its presence in the Social Media is supremely dynamic. The main promotion campaign of each eBook is actively carried out across a wide range of communication channels, which in turn ensures that we can achieve greater visibility and convince more buyers. To deliver an even greater impact, we offer the option of additional advertising packages.


Why should I not just opt for a "traditional" publisher?

Most publishers receive hundreds of requests for numerous and diverse kinds of books, without really specializing in Special Education. Others do not possess the essential know-how on digital publishing and distribution, which in turn means that the production costs frequently render the final product uncompetitive. Finally, a major downside of "traditional" publishers is that they more often than not make very little use - if any - of modern channels of communication to promote and sell their books through the web.


How is the creative design process of the project supported?

Our team is made up of highly qualified and experienced partners who can look after every possible creative angle of the project and deliver compelling graphic design solutions. What is more, we own a vast library of pictures and photos that we can draw on to offer solutions that stand out for their superb functionality, originality and captivating style.






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"We can make a difference" "Throughout my professional career, I can recall myself organising and enriching my therapy material day after day, drawing on my experience but also on the challenges I was faced with along the way. One thing is for a therapist, I will never rest on my laurels and say that my material is complete!! This philosophy is the driving power behind We are committed to continuously providing innovative, well-structured and expert quality therapy material that can be accessed and used by therapists and educators with the greatest of ease."


-Alice Kassotaki - Speech Language Pathologist


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