Mental Health Therapists

Mental Health Therapists 

Ready-to-use Resources for Therapists!

Whether you are a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, a psychologist, a specialist educator or special education needs teacher, the tools contained in this section will enable you to target and nurture a particularly wide range of skills, such as fine and gross motor skills, articulation, phonology, auditory and sensory skills and other areas. 

In this category you will find a wealth of tools available in worksheet format and graded in terms of difficulty, games and activities as well as specialized materials for children facing particular difficulties.

 They save valuable time and money for therapists. Find out more on how you can obtain our materials.

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Digital format resources
  1. The eBooks we produce are environmentally friendly as they are appropriately structured, in a way that only one of their components needs to be printed out. 
  2. Ebooks can be obtained at any place, at any time and by any desired means. The whole purchase process is fully automatised and representatives of are there to support you on a daily basis. 
  3. Our eBooks are supremely flexible as they are made up of worksheets that are specially designed for being printed out. The worksheets can be printed out for as many times as needed until your learner(s) can move to the next level.  
  4. You can be sure that the digital material of our library is constantly renewed, as each eBook title is enriched with new activities and worksheets every single year. All eBook buyers then receive, automatically and free of charge, all the updates for the eBooks they have purchased.