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Register of Rights of Use

Register of Rights of Use

The Register of Rights of Use is a protection platform of Upbility for the confirmed owners of the digital material of our library. Following each purchase through our website, the platform immediately records the buyer’s details and safeguards his or her rights of use on all of his or her available devices (pc, tablet, print format).

In addition, the system records the user's IP address as well as all download efforts. These data remain protected through the use of passwords.



Moreover, the platform automatically records the buyer's email address and the corresponding transaction number on each page of the material purchased. It then locks the pdf file with a special code, thus protecting the information that has been entered from being modified or deleted. Consequently, any attempt to promote the material, either in electronic or printed format, is detected sooner or later and the confirmed buyer who has committed the prohibited act is always exposed and liable for his or her act, given that the file is marked with his or her data.

Register of Rights of Use

Through the above process, we seek to protect the intellectual property rights of your purchased eBooks as well as the several months' hard work of the authors' team. The team of Upbility places particular importance on the Register of Rights of Use and constantly upgrades the security level of the platform.



Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding the Register of Rights of Use

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How can I use the material I have bought?

The material you obtain through can only be used by you in person either in the office or during your therapy sessions at home, on all the devices that you own. The material can be printed out or plasticised and will always be available in your account in case you lose any files. The use of the material by a third person who is not registered in the Register of Rights of Use is strictly prohibited.


Use of the material by teams

The material purchased by special therapy centres, schools or other organizations may be used by all the members of the organisation concerned but strictly within the context of the organisation. It can be made available on all PCs and other devices owned by the organisation. In addition, it can be printed out and plasticised depending on the needs at hand. However, the therapists or educators of the organisation are not allowed, in any manner whatsoever, to utilise the material for personal purposes during their private therapy sessions.


Provision of the material only by is a registered trademark and the exclusive publisher and manager of the material featured on the website of Upbility does not sell its material in collaboration with any resellers or representatives either in Greece or abroad. Any such purchase process is prohibited and will result in a criminal liability.  


Legal protection of intellectual property rights

It is prohibited to republish or reproduce this work, in its entirety or in part, in any manner whatsoever, as well as to translate or adapt or exploit it by means of any method of reproduction regarding literary or artistic works, in accordance with the provisions of Law 2121/1993 and the International Berne – Paris Convention, which was ratified by Law 100/1975. Furthermore, it is prohibited to reproduce the bookbinding, pagination, book cover and the overall visual appearance of the book in general, by means of photocopying, electronic methods or any other methods, in accordance with article 51 of Law 2121/1993.  




Safeguarding the Rights of Use

The Register already comprises 4,500 people from all over the world.

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"We can make a difference". "By protecting our ideas and work, you empower us to continue to dynamically produce new material, make sure it meets the highest of standards and secure a reasonable funding for our dedicated team whose effort and commitment drives everything we do. Support us so that we can go on being creative...for you".


-Kassotaki Alice - Speech Pathologist


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