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Social Situations – School Bullying | Flip Card Series

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A valuable tool for therapists and teachers, the book 'Social Situations: School Bullying' is a series of cards focusing on everyday bullying situations. It is aimed at guiding children to act and deal with the problem effectively. The simple description of bullying incidents and the straightforward suggestions for tackling them can significantly change how children think about this problem, turning them from passive recipients or observers into active participants.

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  • Social Situations – School Bullying

    Age: 4+

    The book's primary goal is to educate children on how they should deal with bullying. The book is divided into three sections describing situations from the perspective of the bullied person (victim), of the child who bullies (bully), and of the child who witnesses the bullying incident (observer).

    Bullied children are encouraged to understand that the feelings they experience from the situation are normal and that they should not feel bad, as what happens is not their fault; on the contrary, children who bully them are to blame.

    On the other hand, children who bully are encouraged to talk about the underlying causes that lead them to this behaviour, understand that it is wrong, and change it by dealing with their problems in other ways.

    The cards of the last section of the book describe bullying incidents and the mentality of children who observe the problem but do nothing to change the situation. The effects of bullying are not only limited to the psychology of the child victim but often extend to the psychology of the child observer.

    The book 'Social Situations: School Bullying' is an excellent tool to help children handle and resolve the problem, by reducing bullying incidents and creating a healthier and safer school environment for all children.

    Develop your child’s social skills with this card book by the writer Alice Kassotaki (Speech Therapist, MSc, BSc).

    You may also be interested  in the book "Social Situations – Negotiation - Compromise".

  • 30 scenarios with different social situations describing bullying incidents:
    Part A - The victim
    1. Mockery
    2. Exclusion
    3. Boldness
    4. Escape
    5. Consolation
    6. Pressure
    7. Threat
    8. Theft
    9. Broadcasting
    10. Diversity
    11. Fear
    12. Training
    13. Isolation
    14. Refusal
    15. Withdrawal

    Part B - The bully
    16. Power
    17. Insecurity
    18. Popularity
    19. Jealousy
    20. Revenge
    21. Blackmail
    22. Release

    Part C - The observer
    23. Shock
    24. Embarrassment
    25. Empathy
    26. Silence
    27. Injustice
    28. Discomfort
    29. Help
    30. Support

  • Type: Paper or PDF file
    SKU: EN-EB1111
    Number of pages: 47
    Author: Alice Kassotaki - Speech Language Pathologist MSc, BSc
    Illustration: Alice Kassotaki

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