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Social Situations – Negotiation - Compromise | Flip Card Series

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The flip book "Social situations: Negotiation - Compromise" focuses on developing the appropriate skills to deal with any dispute by negotiating and finding common ground. It contains 30 beautifully illustrated cards with commonplace situations and targeted prompts that help children learn how to compromise and be resourceful when looking for answers to everyday problems. On the way, kids learn that negotiation doesn't mean imposing our opinions on each other but jointly working out solutions that are fair to everyone.

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  • Negotiation - Compromise

    Age: 4+

    "Social situations: Negotiation - Compromise" is a fundamental tool for therapists working with children who need to improve their social skills. Through 30 illustrated cards, the flip book prompts constructive discussions about various conflict-like situations children may face in their daily life.

    The book's primary goal is to teach children a way of thinking that will help them resolve any dispute by reaching a fair solution. Through these lessons, children understand that during an argument, they have to empathize with the other side's needs and feelings instead of solely focusing on their own. The objective is to reach an agreement that makes everybody happy.

    Knowing how to negotiate and compromise is essential because such skills allow kids to integrate into their social environment more smoothly. You may use this book to help children learn how to negotiate successfully, collaborate toward mutually beneficial solutions, and develop valuable social skills.

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  • Here are our 30 everyday scenarios:
    1. The last piece of cake
    2. The home computer
    3. Dinner time
    4. Who is doing the dishes?
    5. The toy
    6. The team project
    7. Saturday morning
    8. Party or basketball?
    9. At painting class
    10. A fight between cats
    11. The school exams
    12. The movie
    13. The family vacation
    14. The household chores
    15. The surprise party
    16. Playing together
    17. Best friends
    18. The new room
    19. The picnic
    20. The restaurant
    21. The annoying classmate
    22. Relaxing to music
    23. Cops and robbers
    24. At the playground
    25. Camping or swimming?
    26. Bedtime
    27. The pocket money
    28. Screen time
    29. Cheating at school
    30. At the supermarket

  • Type: Paper or PDF file
    SKU: EN-EB1115
    Number of pages: 41
    Author: Alice Kassotaki - Speech Language Pathologist MSc, BSc
    Translation: Loukas Tsouknidas

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