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Inner Child Trauma | Upbility EN

Inner Child Trauma

Inner Child Traumas by Upbility

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Abandonment trauma

-feels bumped

-lives with persistent fears

-hates being lonely

-forms interdependent relationships

-usually attracts emotionally unavailable people

Guilt trauma

-feels “pity” or “bad”

-does not want to ask for things

-uses guilt to handle things

-afraid of setting limits

-usually attracts people that make other people feel guilty

Confidence trauma

-afraid of getting hurt

-low self-esteem

-always finding ways not to trust others

-feels unsafe, yearning for external confirmation

-usually attracts people with feelings of unsafety

Neglect trauma

-low self-esteem

-gets angry easily

-tries to say “no”

-suppresses emotions

-afraid not to become sensitive

-usually attracts people showing no appreciation or making the child feels “invisible”

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