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Gender dysphoria in children

Gender dysphoria in children (GD), also known as gender incongruence of childhood, is a formal diagnosis for children who experience significant discontent (gender dysphoria) due to a mismatch between their assigned sex and gender identity.  

‘It’s not possible to maintain the identity of one, who is adjusted for any time period to a context that is destructive for one. It is truly difficult for a person to maintain such an internal conflict - to adjust to an external reality, while internally trying to maintain the value that one denies’. - Betty Friedan 

Gender dysphoria in children and adolescents

I have Gender Dysphoria, which means

  • I feel as a boy trapped in a body I don’t own (Sofia, 15)
  • I feel I belong to the opposite sex (George, 10)
  • I don’t fit with what I feel, with what I truly am (Mary, 13)
  • I have a hard time doing what I should do based on my sex. I intensely fantasize that I belong to the opposite sex (Helen, 17)
  • I feel trapped in the wrong body. I feel, act and respond as a girl (Nick, 18)
  • I find myself in a constant effort to align how I feel with how I must behave according to my biological sex (Lia, 16)

Gender Dysphoria is NOT related with sexual orientation

What I want from you

  • Help me understand the feelings I have
  • Accept me so I can accept myself
  • Hel me deal with people around me and have internal balance
  • Be my safe haven

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