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Social Situations – Self-esteem | Flip Card Series

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The book ‘Social Situations – Self-esteem | Flip Card Series’ utilizes cognitive behavioral and mindfulness techniques to help children change the way they think and behave so that they can build positive self-esteem. This book is fun, easy to read and full of advice, suitable for children aged 4 and above and ideal under the guidance of a parent or professional.

Age group: School-aged children

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  • Social Situations – Self-esteem

    Age: 6+

    Our short stories about self-esteem are aimed at helping children recognize their self-worth. These educational tales foster self-acceptance and encourage youngsters to stick to their goals.

    Let's focus our attention on children’s strong points in order to help them break free from negative thinking.

    The 30 self-esteem scenarios presented in this book can help children identify their weaknesses and their strengths and encourage them to focus on their strong points.

    Children who feel good about themselves find it easier to deal with conflict and to resist negative pressure. They tend to smile more easily and enjoy life. These children are more down-to-earth and generally optimistic.

    However, children with low self-esteem tend to view challenges as sources of enormous stress and frustration. Those who think negatively about themselves have a hard time finding solutions to their problems.

    The way we define ourselves, affects our motivation, attitudes and behavior as well as our capacity for emotional adjustment.

    Boost your child's confidence and self-esteem with this enjoyable and valuable card book for kids.

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  • 30 real-life scenarios to help kids feel happier, bolder and more confident.
    1. I'm good at...
    2. I like to learn
    3. I love this about myself
    4. When I look at myself in the mirror
    5. I care about
    6. Trying something new
    7. It makes me unique
    8. It is important to me
    9. My friends think about me
    10. My family likes
    11. I like this about my friends
    12. I like this about my family
    13. I express my opinion
    14. I listen and learn from criticism
    15. An act of kindness
    16. An act of kindness I saw
    17. I am brave
    18. I’m a good sibling
    19. I can compromise
    20. I admit my mistakes
    21. I learn from my mistakes
    22. I am kind to myself and to others
    23. I apologize
    24. I take responsibility
    25. I ask for help when I need it
    26. I don't feel threatened when someone is better than me
    27. I am not afraid of failure
    28. My talent is
    29. I become a better person when
    30. I belong

  • Type: Paper (Spiral Binding) or PDF file
    SKU: EN-EB1117
    Number of pages: 42
    Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
    Author: Alice Kassotaki - Speech Language Pathologist MSc, BSc
    Year of publication: 2023

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Customer Reviews

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