Development of Oral and Written Discourse through Argumentation

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  • Age: 9 years and over

    This simple-to-use eBook constitutes a comprehensive tool that has been specially conceived to develop discourse by means of argumentation. It includes 60 illustrated pages on a series of various themes, as well as approaches and exercises that will interest the child, all the while providing numerous opportunities for the development of narrative and descriptive discourse. It can be used by speech-language pathologists, teachers, specialists or parents.

    Argumentative discourse consists of a presentation, oral or written, of one's opinion on a subject or problem, and results in a reasoned and justified conclusion. It does not concern a series of thoughts, but rather a logical, structured discourse with a precise objective. In argumentation, the language does not only serve to provide information, but also to influence the audience to change an opinion, emotional attitude, or behavior. This is not, however, unique to argumentative discourse, as one also encounters the intention to convince the audience in description and narration.



    1. Argumentation can be carried out in two manners:

      1. Using examples. To support a thesis, one uses examples drawn from history, science, personal experiences, public opinion, etc.
      2. Using arguments. In order to support a point of view, one can also use explanations and reasoning.
      Arguments, as with examples, are used as frequently in everyday conversations as in official texts, mainly in the field of science.

      The use of arguments and examples allows for:
      1. One to understand which positions are correct or more significant than others.

      2. One to convince others of the validity of their own point of view: the goal is to change the opinion of the audience with regards to the subject being discussed.

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