Development of narrative discourse in children and adolescents (8 to 15 years)

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Development of narrative discourse (8 to 15 years)

Age: from 8 to 15 years

The eBook “Development of narrative discourse in children and adolescents”, which is intended for children from 8 to 15 years of age, is meant to be used over a period of several months with the aim of improving narrative discourse. Its 408 pages present different levels for late elementary school, middle school, and early high school.

It includes guides and outlines with explanations for each level. You will find three levels of increasing difficulty. Each of them presents work steps, worksheets for description and verification, activities and dozens of stories.

The most advanced exercises provide children with the opportunity to create their own stories by modifying pre-existing stories, specifying the spatial-temporal context, developing characters, finding inspiration in a simple image, constructing an outline, etc.

Finally, in this book you will find numerous activities in the form of cards, for vocabulary (including logical connections), incomplete stories to be continued, outlines to fill in, etc. This eBook has been formatted so that the material can be utilized on a screen or be printed and laminated.

The narrative discourse of children through 5th grade (included) is characterized by the following:

  • spatial-temporal context and characters,
  • a succession of events in chronological order,
  • a conclusion.

The narrative discourse for older children, from 6th to 9th grade, is characterized by the following:

  • the use of dialogue, rhythm, and description to develop the characters in a story,
  • the use of logical connections (words and expressions that ensure the transition between ideas),
  • a conclusion that results from the story.

High school students develop narration characterized by the following:

  • character reflection,
  • the creation of a problem, situation and/or observation involving the reader,
  • a particular tone.

This eBook can be utilized by speech-language pathologists, specialized teachers, educators, and specialized education centers.

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Author: Alice Kassotaki - Speech Language Pathologist MSc, BSc
Translation & Proofreading: Kristen Stone
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Madonna M.
Development of narrative discourse

I enjoy the content, I would like more ideas of how to keep the motivation for the student, so it becomes more play/fun rather than work/school based.


Very complete material

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