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ALL ABOUT | Stuttering

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Want to grasp stuttering better and learn how to support children facing this speech disorder every day? Look no further. We have created a comprehensive and enlightening guide with 20 social situations that shed light on the stuttering world and provide valuable knowledge, guidance, and empathy for everyone affected. It's an essential resource for parents, educators, therapists, and anyone interested in learning more about stuttering, offering a glimpse into the complex social dynamics related to this disfluency.

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  • Stuttering

    Age Group : 5+

    "ALL ABOUT - Stuttering" offers a deep understanding of stuttering, a condition affecting millions worldwide. It presents and analyzes the causes, symptoms, and types of stuttering, along with the diagnostic approaches, treatment options, and practical strategies for managing this misunderstood disorder. The book also highlights the social impact of stuttering and the importance of support and education in tackling it.

    The book presents 20 short stories illustrating social situations involving children and adolescents who stutter. These stories are analyzed from different perspectives: the child who stutters, the person interacting with the child, and the bystanders, people witnessing the situation. Each scenario is accompanied by an in-depth exploration of the thoughts, feelings, and possible actions of all parties involved.

    The stories presented in this book are based on real experiences and aim to promote empathy, understanding, and awareness.

    Whether you are a parent of a child who stutters, a speech and language therapist working with stutterers, an educator, or simply someone who wants to learn more about this disorder, "ALL ABOUT - Stuttering" is an essential resource of knowledge and guidance on this delicate subject.

    You may also be interested in the book "Social situations for adolescents with ASD".

  • Part A: Reading is the key to knowledge
    1. Understanding stuttering
    Definition of stuttering
    Characteristics of stuttering
    Types of stuttering

    2. Causes of stuttering
    Causes and factors that contribute to the occurrence and development of stuttering
    The role of genetics, and brain structure and function
    Association between stuttering and other communication disorders

    3. Symptoms of stuttering
    Secondary behaviors

    4. Diagnosis and evaluation of stuttering
    How to diagnose and evaluate stuttering
    Evaluation tools and approaches

    5. Therapy for stuttering
    Therapeutic approach (speech therapy, psychotherapy)
    Therapeutic programs
    The role of family and support systems in treating stuttering

    6. Living with stuttering
    Challenges and opportunities
    Tips and strategies for dealing with stuttering

    7. Myths and misconceptions about stuttering
    Myths and misconceptions about stuttering
    Small and big truths about stuttering

    Part B: From the books... to adventure
    20 short stories


  • Type: Paper or PDF file
    SKU: EN-EB1123
    Number of pages: 195
    Author: Alice Kassotaki - Speech Language Pathologist MSc, BSc

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