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Social Situations – Self-control | Flip Card Series

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The flip book "Social situations: Self-control" uses thirty short stories to teach children techniques for controlling their emotions and reactions. Children become aware of the consequences of their actions and understand their impact on the feelings of those around them. That way, they learn to avoid negative reactions and control their impulses, thus keeping their stress levels low.

Age group: School-aged children

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  • Self-control | Flip Card Series

    Age: 6+

    This flip book is an essential tool for teaching children how to manage their emotions and reactions in various situations in their everyday lives. Self-control is a skill that can be improved with regular practice.

    The book's thirty scenarios are familiar to children as they illustrate situations they all encounter at some point in their childhood. The role of each story is to help children understand the consequences of a wrong behavior or a bad reaction and encourage them to manage their emotions and impulses appropriately.

    So, let's help children be more mindful, show better behavior, and experience less negative emotions by teaching them self-control!

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  • Here are our 30 everyday scenarios:
    Movement control
    1. In the classroom
    2. Interrupting others
    3. Hitting
    4. Wandering
    5. A visit to the museum
    6. Sports training
    7. Guest at a party
    8. Homework
    9. Shopping
    10. Visiting my parents' friends

    Impulse control
    11. Playing on the street
    12. A bad joke
    13. The unknown dog
    14. The river
    15. The old warehouse
    16. Steep rocks
    17. Not waiting for my turn
    18. The huge tree
    19. The pastry shop
    20. Being disrespectful

    Emotional control
    21. Cleaning up my room
    22. I don't like losing
    23. Words that hurt
    24. Difficult school project
    25. The exam
    26. Test score
    27. Going out with friends
    28. Basketball game
    29. Public speech
    30. The chocolate

  • Type: Paper (Spiral Binding) or PDF file
    SKU: EN-EB1120
    Number of pages: 44
    Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
    Author: Alice Kassotaki - Speech Language Pathologist MSc, BSc
    Year of publication: 2023

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Customer Reviews

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