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Social Situations – Flexible Thinking | Flip Card Series

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The book "Social Situations: Flexible Thinking" consists of 30 flip cards that aid children's social development and help them cope with new situations more easily. Through different everyday-life scenarios, children become familiar with various changes they may face and learn to be more flexible and receptive to them

Age group: School-aged children

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  • Flexible Thinking | Flip Card Series

    Age: 6+

    The book "Social Situations: Flexible Thinking" aims to help children develop flexible thinking and learn how to adapt to changing conditions.

    Through 30 simply illustrated cards, children are prompted to accept that change is part of their lives and find ways to cope successfully.

    Moving to a new home, dealing with a divorce, changing schools, and having a new student in class are all circumstances every child faces at some point in their childhood.

    "Social Situations: Flexible Thinking" teaches children to examine their situation from different perspectives and find solutions to various problems more quickly and effectively.

    You may also be interested  in the book "Social Situations – School Bullying | Flip Card Series".

  • Here are our 30 everyday-life scenarios:
    1. Moving out
    2. School program
    3. Impromptu road-trip
    4. Bedtime
    5. The new pet
    6. Unexpected visitors
    7. Change in working hours
    8. Studies
    9. Changing classes
    10. Sudden illness
    11. Getting fired
    12. Going to secondary school
    13. Moving to a new neighborhood
    14. Business trip
    15. The new teacher
    16. The divorce
    17. School evacuation
    18. Change of routine
    19. At the hairdresser's
    20. The pandemic
    21. Adapting to a new school
    22. A new marriage
    23. Vacation
    24. New furniture
    25. A new sport
    26. Visiting the aquarium
    27. Visiting relatives
    28. An unexpected meeting
    29. Student exchange program
    30. Going to camp

  • Type: Paper (Spiral Binding) or PDF file
    SKU: EN-EB1122
    Number of pages: 41
    Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
    Author: Alice Kassotaki - Speech Language Pathologist MSc, BSc
    Year of publication: 2023

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Customer Reviews

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