When Your Young Client is Defiant | Simple Strategies to Manage Defiant/Challenging Behavior

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The purpose of the ebook “When Your Young Client is Defiant | Simple Strategies to Manage Defiant/Challenging Behavior” is to teach clinicians effective and practical strategies to manage challenging and defiant behavior in their young clients. It focuses on how clinicians can educate parents on how to manage difficult behavior and avoid power struggles at home. The dynamics and techniques described in this ebook are intended for use with typically functioning children and those with developmental or language delays. They are not generally adequate or even appropriate for children with serious behavior conditions like oppositional defiant disorder or conduct disorders. 

Learning Objectives 

  1. Identify various forms of defiant or challenging behavior 
  2. List reasons why children might engage in defiant behavior 
  3. Explain how executive function skill deficits can lead to challenging behavior 
  4. Describe five situations that can serve as triggers for defiant behavior 
  5. Identify strategies clinicians and parents can use to manage difficult behavior 
  6. Identify interventions that can be used to help manage executive function deficits 
  7. List ways clinicians and parents can avoid and defuse power struggles 
  8. Identify strategies for freeing children from their defiant roles 

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    Author: Adina Soclof, MS, CCC-SLP
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