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Concepts and vocabulary | MODES OF TRANSPORT

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The current volume of the series “Concepts and Vocabulary” titled “Concepts and vocabulary | MODES OF TRANSPORT”, includes a total of 302 pages: a brief theoretical section and 295 pages of exercises of increasing difficulty, divided into seven levels to progressively develop receptive language and expressive language. The goal of this book series rests in enriching vocabulary and developing concepts. Each volume presents twenty different concepts.

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  • Modes of Transport

    Age Group : 4+

    The development of vocabulary is important for:

    • cognitive development,
    • oral language comprehension and the reinforcement of communication skills,
    • the improvement of reading and decoding skills,
    • the comprehension of a text/written language.

    The stages of development of concepts and the expansion of the lexicon are the following:

      • Evaluation pages / Skill evaluation: this chapter includes evaluation pages for receptive language* and expressive language** (evaluation grid and test pages).
      • Choice of a concept: this chapter is dedicated to the choice of the concept to work on, adapted to the child’s age.
      • Examples of the concept: this chapter includes numerous activities that lead to understanding of the concept being worked on.
      • Following instructions: this chapter includes numerous instructions that enable the understanding and spontaneous use of the concept.
      • Closed questions: this chapter includes numerous closed questions that lead to the comprehension and spontaneous use of the concept.
      • Expression of the concept: this chapter includes expression activities (expressive language) that help the child start to identify the target concept and use it in a spontaneous and autonomous manner.
      • Definition and expansion: this chapter includes activities encouraging concept definition and increased vocabulary. When the child understands the concept and is able to identify it, he/she is asked to define it and develop his/her vocabulary.

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  • Theory

    • Definition / Stages of language development
    • Importance of learning vocabulary
    • Types of vocabulary
    • Process of learning vocabulary
    • Activities overview
    • Concepts covered

    Practical activities

    • Chapter 1 - Evaluation worksheets / skills assessment
    • Chapter 2 - Choosing a concept
    • Chapter 3 – Concept examples
    • Chapter 4 - Following instructions
    • Chapter 5 - Closed questions
    • Chapter 6 - Expressing the concept
    • Chapter 7 - Describing the concept and expanding vocabulary
  • Type: Paper or PDF file
    SKU: EN-EB1055
    Number of pages: 302
    Author: Alice Kassotaki - Speech Language Pathologist MSc, BSc
    Translation & Proofreading: Paula McGowan

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