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Tackle WH-Questions

Great books

Development of Fine Motor Skills


Awesome therapy material, well explained 👍🏻

PICTURE CARDS | Compare & Contrast

Developing Social Skills through short stories

Excellent. An improvement would to have the questions differ a little more. When working with a client, they become monotonous and I need to become creative using the picture.

Lovely website

Well done

Excellent product

I love this product! Teaching topic sentence writing is super tricky - this makes it much more achievable! Thanks

Picture Cards compare and contrast

Excellent resource to aid communication

Fabulous Resource

I’m always looking for ways to help students develop more sophisticated sentence structure, working towards paragraph writing. This is a lovely, user friendly resource to guide the way.

Development of Fine Motor Skills

PICTURE CARDS | Compare & Contrast

It is very useful for developing important skills for academic learning with children. I use it often in my special education interventions, because it is practical, has appealing images and is very easy to execute.

Development of Fine Motor Skills


Great product and I wish I had more!

Great resource!

I printed these and laminated so the first picture is on the front and second picture is on the back. My kids enjoy these and it is a great activity to Target visual memory. I highly recommend!

Great product

This product is great for kids. I was able to get the kids to maintain attention and engaged.

Developing Reading Comprehension in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder - PART 1

Developing Social Skills through Short Stories

PICTURE CARDS | Compare & Contrast

Great Resource

Fantastic set of resources that I use with ASD children, easy to understand with colourful pictures to make it more engaging.

Thank you I love these resources

Fantastic Resources

An excellent set of resources to work through to develop pencil control and master cutting skills. Colourful pictures as always to help maintain attention.

Great Resource

Excellent set of resources that I use with ASD students in a mainstream primary school. Clear, simple sentences that are easy to understand along with colourful pictures to maintain the students attention. Definitely recommend!

Excellent product


These worksheets are clearly set out, with simple coloured illustrations. They are excellent for teaching students with various learning delays and disabilities. I highly recommend their use for graduated instruction or revision of core basics.

Wonderful ressource

Exactly what he needed to work on pre-writing strokes and printing development! Thanks!

Rapid resources

Not used everything yet but it seems good so far. It's in the same keeping as many of the other resources.