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Great resource!

I printed these and laminated so the first picture is on the front and second picture is on the back. My kids enjoy these and it is a great activity to Target visual memory. I highly recommend!

Great product

This product is great for kids. I was able to get the kids to maintain attention and engaged.

Developing Reading Comprehension in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder - PART 1

Developing Social Skills through Short Stories

PICTURE CARDS | Compare & Contrast

Great Resource

Fantastic set of resources that I use with ASD children, easy to understand with colourful pictures to make it more engaging.

Thank you I love these resources

Fantastic Resources

An excellent set of resources to work through to develop pencil control and master cutting skills. Colourful pictures as always to help maintain attention.

Great Resource

Excellent set of resources that I use with ASD students in a mainstream primary school. Clear, simple sentences that are easy to understand along with colourful pictures to maintain the students attention. Definitely recommend!

Excellent product


These worksheets are clearly set out, with simple coloured illustrations. They are excellent for teaching students with various learning delays and disabilities. I highly recommend their use for graduated instruction or revision of core basics.

Wonderful ressource

Exactly what he needed to work on pre-writing strokes and printing development! Thanks!

Rapid resources

Not used everything yet but it seems good so far. It's in the same keeping as many of the other resources.

Picture cards: Fun conjunction Practice

I love these cards! Please make a higher level one with subordinating conjunctions. Highly recommended.


Excellent resource to have. Good quality print&photos

Written Language Production - paragraph structure

This is an excellent, easy to use and nicely structured resource to use with those students who are stuck learning to write paragraphs. My only reservation is that the pictures are a little confusing in the section showing pictures and then writing a paragraph. I would still recommend this resource highly.

PROCESSING SPEED | Improving Performance Strategies

These have been helpful for comparing and contrasting for clients

Picture Cards Compare & Contrast.

The pictures were very clear and colorful. They were a good tool to use with children for comparing and contrasting.

Very useful tools. Well worth the Euros considering the Rand/Euro exchange does not always allow.

I am enjoying the series

Im enjoying the series having seen the second part now as well. I do have one feedback and that is the pictures really need to be improved. I can see the reason for having some part of the image unclear but it feels like too much work to figure out what the pictures are. I dont think its the resolution on my screen -I use a standard laptop and try to fit the page on the screen because obviously I dont want to be moving up and down a page while interacting with a distractable child. I hope that makes sense. Otherwise I love the series. And we use this many ways not just as shown in the book. For example Ive noticed for my child, while she can use describing words, she doesnt know which category the describing words are. That big, small describe the size of the noun being described for instance. So, this series Im using to help her practice sentences. "This is the big man". Big, small are words that describe the "size of the noun" and other things that she doesnt automatically seem to absorb. I love that this covers, places, jobs and other things as well. It gives me ideas on how to help her use longer sentences. Thank you

Visual Perception Skills for Children with Dyslexia | PART 1: Visual Closure

Handy Resources

Love Upbility’s resources. Makes Speech Life so much easier!

Recommended by son's tutor

This book was recommended by my son's dyslexia tutor. It was useful in building up his confidence with visual tasks, although he was not ready for all of the pages immediately. My son enjoyed the visual tasks without words most, and sped through them but he did eventually go back to finish some of the letter/number/word ones with the center of the word missing. We are now ready for book 2!

Excellent Resource

This is an excellent addition to our SLT resources in Social Emotional and Mental Health needs. We have started using this with children following acquired brain injury.