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Terms & Conditions

Everything you need to know for the basic requirements regarding the publication of your book.

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Original content

The author is responsible for ensuring the uniqueness of the published content via the website It should be avoided any direct or indirect use of scientific material without the written consent of each writer. Also, all the sources of the content should be mentioned in details.

Images and graphs with rights of use

A licence should exist for all the images and the graphs which will be used. But you should not worry, because the website has all the necessary image libraries which ensure those requirements.

Content structure

The content of the book should be well structured including all the necessary evidence and information for its use, facilitating thus the work of professional which will use it.

Environmentally friendly

The content of the book should be divided into theoretical and practical part in order to ensure the maximum possible consumables saving via the selective printing of the worksheets.

Multiple population character

It is necessary to use stories, images and habits from different population strata and characteristics such as: white-black, fat-thin, poor-rich, English-foreigner, christian-muslim, with glasses-without glasses, with braces-without braces, etc.

Health and well being

It is advisable to avoid expressions and pictures with people that consume e.g junk-food or alcohol. On the contrary, it is advisable the use of content which promotes a balanced life style and diet such as exercice, running, fruits consumption and others.