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Do your learners struggle with WH-questions? Are you looking for something engaging, something more than just a set of questions that are already repeated in your therapy tools? Look no further! This wonderfully practical pack of Picture Card activities features all you need to get started with clear learning goals and strengthen your learners’ WH-question comprehension skills while boosting their semantic awareness of everyday lexical items!

The eBook contains a set of 120 large Picture Cards (17 x 12 cm each) supporting semantic development and progressively building the skill of understanding questions introduced with the words “Which, What, Where and Why / What…for?” The Picture Cards from 1 through 60 feature 180 questions, while the Picture Cards from 61 through 120 feature 540 questions. What makes this pack special is that all the questions are accompanied by full-color pictures and that a set of concise learning goals is depicted on each picture card, allowing your learner to progress on a step-by-step basis and saving you valuable preparation time!

The vocabulary featured on the materials is divided in seven categories (clothing, animals, objects, food / drinks, household items and rooms around the house, appliances / devices and means of transport) including both low-frequency and high-frequency lexical items.

Semantic development is a complex process and several strategies come into play throughout it, enabling learners to acquire the meaning of words, draw links between them and eventually create a semantic network that is constantly reorganized, thus continuously modifying their internal representation of language. The materials included in this pack have been designed to facilitate semantic development while providing you with a solid theoretical framework and a set of intervention ideas to help you target several aspects of semantic development, such as the ability to:

  • understand signifiers
  • recognize and name categories
  • understand and use descriptive words
  • understand the functional use of objects
  • recognize words from their definition
  • classify words
  • understand key vocabulary notions

The pack comprises 120 printable double-sided picture cards and a set of intervention techniquesto support you along the way!It also includes a part that is specially designed for tablets, so that the picture cards can also be used autonomously.

The cost for printing and laminating the material is estimated at 12-20€ for each set of 60 cards.

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