Talk to Me | An educational and therapeutic tool

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Age: 8 years and over

The e-book Talk to Me | An educational and therapeutic tool is a set of 22 cards to use alone or in groups. Each of these illustrated cards comes with a message for one’s own self or for someone else.

This set is designed to develop a positive perception of oneself and others. It encourages personal development, self-confidence, and empathy.

Each card unlocks the doors to the intuitive and emotional intelligence of the user. The child or the adult lets themselves be guided by a card drawn at random or chosen for someone.

This illustrated resource allows verbal and sensory skills to emerge in an interactive and fun way.


  • Develop self-confidence
  • Take a message on board
  • Foster creative skills
  • Encourage social interactions
  • Respect oneself and others
  • Develop empathy

  • Refine vocabulary
  • Verbalise emotions


  • Introduction to the symbolism of colours
  • Interpreting a picture

Type: 1 pdf File
Size: 1,9 MB
SKU: EN-EB1096
Number of pages: 17
Authors: Sandrine Madant, Hélène Quairiaux
Translation: Hélène O'Shea
Readable on: PC / Mac, Tablet PCs, E-Readers
Printable: Yes

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