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Age group: 8-10 years

"Play is the work of childhood" according to Jean Piaget.

Escape rooms are adventurous themed games in which teams of individuals are locked inside a themed room to solve puzzles and complete missions within a short time. These games have attracted strong worldwide interest among parents, children, and educators.

The Escape Room Alien Attack – Escape from School is an e-book with innovative activities that are in line with the learning objectives of the elementary education curriculum and can be used by students of all grades.

Children aged 8 to 10 must employ their executive functions to escape from the room after the alien cyberattack against their school. This game is a useful educational tool not only for teachers but also for parents who wish to organize, for example, a party for their children.

Proposed by Muriel Lezak in 1982, the term “executive functions" includes the abilities to create, preserve, monitor, and achieve a one-goal action plan. All these “survival skills’’, such as cognitive flexibility, inhibition, monitoring, planning, working memory, decision making, and problem-solving, are cultivated in an entertaining and playful way in this book.

You will find:

  • guidance for students,
  • detailed implementation, fully documented instructions, and tips for teachers,
  • description of a theoretical framework for inclusion in the teaching practice,
  • a useful list with the necessary accompanying equipment (padlocks, boxes, etc.), and
  • alternative ways of playing this game, depending on the school conditions (number of participants, indoor or outdoor space, etc.)

Playing the game
The teacher prepares the room according to the instructions enclosed.
The scenario is given to the student, and the game begins.
The missions can be undertaken in parallel or serial order according to the conditions.
Time is set, and the game begins.

Have a good escape!!!!!

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Author: Marinou Irene - ICT Teacher
Proofreading: Maria Rigli
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Brandy A.
Escape Rooms

Fun, elementary age students loved it

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