Developing graphophonological awareness

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  • Age: 4+

    "Getting ready for school" is a series of books dealing with visual discrimination, graphophonology, auditory processing, math literacy, and fine motor skills. All these fields are closely related to each other and are an essential part of the learning process of children aged four and up. Their significance is reflected in a wide range of everyday activities.

    This e-book contains structured exercises, activities, and tips for the development of graphophonological awareness.

    Most prereading activities concern what educators define as "phonological awareness" which is the ability to hear and isolate specific sounds (called phonemes) in a word. When a child has developed strong phonological awareness skills, they will be able to split words up into their separate speech sounds, which makes spelling much easier. Phonological awareness also enables children to match the correct sounds to the letters they see and thus read words or combine sounds to make new words.

    1. The book comprises:

      • 136 printable worksheets,
      • 5 levels of difficulty,
      • rhyme activities,
      • activities for identifying words,
      • activities for identifying and matching syllables,
      • activities for identifying and matching phonemes,
      • activities for tracing phonemes, and, finally,
      • prewriting exercises

      There are also useful tips and guidelines for doing the exercises of the book. Completing its activities successfully is an important step to developing graphophonological awareness.

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