A Year of Mini-Moves for the In-Sync Child

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Age: 2+

Get your kids moving and giggling with the delightful suggestions in the e-book A Year of Mini-Moves for the In-Sync Child. Here are fifty-two weekly schedules that will incorporate quick movement activities into your day. These whimsical digital pages can also be printed and posted to brighten your walls at the clinic, at home and at school.

Pediatricians, teachers and other early childhood specialists now recognize that early motor development is one of the most important factors in the physical, emotional, academic and overall success of the child. Each of these mini-moves addresses one or more sensory, perceptual and visual motor skills that are the foundation of all future physical, cognitive, and emotional development.

Use these whimsical mini-moves at the beginning of your day or therapy session, at transition times or as inspiration for a more elaborate movement experience. Adapt each move to suit the abilities of the children.

The objective of the e-book A Year of Mini-Moves for the In-Sync Child is to reinforce the brain-body connection, while giving the child a moving experience that will last a lifetime!

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Authors: Joye Newman and Carol Kranowitz 
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Customer Reviews

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Super helpful!

This is a wonderful compilation of creative ways to incorporate movement into your everyday routine. They are simple and fun - great for kids to do together with friends and adults. Let's get moving!

Mini Moves for Connection and Safety

These daily activities serve as a fun and gentle reminder to connect with our children and with ourselves. We all need to take time out to move. It's great for our brains and our bodies. By moving together, there's joy in connection along with feeling safe to move in appropriate and helpful ways. For added fun, you can add two days together and try out yesterday's move with today's move. Get the moves and get playing and smiling every day.

Great Activities!

What a wonderful way to provide children sensory motor activities on a daily basis. Each day exploring and learning fun new ways their bodies can move.
The kids will love it!

Makes life EASIER (and more fun)!

What a great way to help people translate ideas into real life! Screen-free so kids can connect with their bodies, and the format makes it simple and practical for parents or therapists to implement! It's easily adaptable too, which I appreciate as a therapist AND a parent. This is sure to be a go-to resource for many!

Mini-Moves is a terrific tool

Like all of Carol & Joye’s ideas this mini-moves one is truly ingenious. Parents today are visual learners too and this format of weekly schedules is great for learning and working with their children. Thank you Ladies for always staying current with your information and skill set in the area of child development.

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