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PROCESSING SPEED | Intervention Strategies

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This book is a revised and expanded edition of Processing Speed - Intervention Strategies with 6 new categories of exercises and detailed answers. Having sold 2,500 copies in 5 languages, it's an important resource for teachers, parents, and therapists. It provides access to new learning-optimization strategies and updated research. The textbook combines theory with practical activities and exercises that help children respond faster to various stimuli. It's a comprehensive guide to improving children's processing speed in the visual, auditory, and verbal domains, hence essential for enhancing academic performance.

Age group: School-aged children

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  • Intervention Strategies - NEW EDITION 2024

    Age Group: 7+

    A significant part of Processing Speed - Intervention Strategies is devoted to practical and technical activities designed to improve students' processing speed. These activities range from simple verbal and visual sequences to more complex tasks involving executive functioning and emotional intelligence. The activities are designed to be educational but also engaging and fun, encouraging children to develop their skills in a positive and stimulating environment.

    Based on an extensive bibliography, it's a thoroughly informed handbook that draws on various scientific sources to provide a comprehensive approach to improving processing speed. The suggested exercises are diverse, covering aspects such as verbal sequencing, word decoding, auditory and visual processing, mathematical reasoning, and more, catering to different learning styles and needs.

    Processing Speed - Intervention Strategies is an essential tool for supporting students' cognitive development. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or therapist, this book offers valuable insights and practical tools to help children in an academic context, as well as their everyday interactions and challenges.

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  • Knowledge

    • Processing Speed - Definition
    • Slow processing speed
    • Adequate processing speed
    • Causes of poor processing speed
    • Consequences of poor processing speed
    • Characteristics of children with poor processing speed
    • Types of processing speed
    • Fields of difficulty for children with poor processing speed
    • Activities to improve processing speed
    • Processing speed indicators
    • Educational strategies
    • Compensatory strategies when assessing a student with poor processing speed
    • Assessment strategies
    • Implementation of intervention strategies
    • Interventions for the student
    • Examples of interventions for improving processing speed
    • Processing speed and learning difficulties
    • Processing speed and working memory
    • Processing speed and executive functioning skills
    • Content analysis
    • Registration form
    • Bibliography


    • Verbal sequencing
    • Reverse Verbal Sequencing
    • Sequence Alternation
    • Visual Processing
    • Word Decoding
    • Phrase/Sentence Recalling
    • Auditory Sequencing
    • Visual Sequencing
    • Visual-Motor Sequencing
    • Abstract Thinking
    • Mathematical Reasoning
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Executive Functions
  • Type:
    Paper (Spiral Binding) or PDF file
    Number of pages:
    8.5 x 11 inches
    Alice Kassotaki - Speech Language Pathologist MSc, BSc
    Year of publication:

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