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ATTENTION AND CONCENTRATION - Intervention Strategies is the latest improved and extended edition of the best-selling book that has sold 3,500 copies in 48 countries and 5 languages. It analyzes the causes and effects of attention deficit disorder and proposes various engaging activities to enhance concentration. Specifically designed for teachers, therapists, and parents, it's an essential tool for addressing concentration difficulties and supporting children's academic and social success.

Age group: School-aged children

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  • Attention and Concentration

    Age Group : 6+

    This new edition of Alice Kassotaki's bestseller is an indispensable handbook for those who need to better grasp and confront attention deficit in children. It contains educational material for professionals and parents who need to support children with attention and concentration difficulties.

    The book offers a practical method for enhancing children's attention through engaging activities and concentration techniques. Its goal is to make confronting attention challenges more entertaining for children and, thus, more efficient.

    Designed to support the work of a broad range of professionals like special educators, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, teachers, and even education centers, this guide can also help parents who wish to implement its advice at home, always under appropriate guidance.

    But ATTENTION AND CONCENTRATION - Intervention Strategies is more than just a theoretical overview of attention deficit disorder. It offers actual solutions and proven approaches for effectively coping with it. This book can make a significant difference in children struggling with attention difficulties, ultimately improving their academic performance and overall quality of life.

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  • Knowledge

    • The brain's functions
    • Cognitive functioning
    • Cognitive functions of the brain
    • Concentration, definition
    • Behaviors and factors that indicate difficulties in concentration
    • Factors affecting concentration
    • Attention, definition
    • Types of attention
    • Attention and focus- concentration parameters
    • Average concentration time by age group
    • Tips for improving/maintaining concentration and attention
    • Maintaining attention
    • Stages of developing concentration and attention skills
    • Internal distractions and compensatory strategies
    • External distractions and compensatory strategies
    • Profile of a child with attention deficit disorder
    • Self-assessment - Attention and concentration
    • Questionnaire for children - Attention and concentration
    • Questionnaire for adolescents/adults - Attention and concentration
    • Content structure
    • Bibliography


    1. External Distractions
    2. Internal Distractions
    3. Visual Search
    4. Visual Scanning
    5. Visual Sequence
    6. Breathing Exercises
    7. Motor Exercises
    8. Concentration Techniques
    9. Mental Representations
    10. Coloring/Designing Patterns
    11. Positive Feedback
    12. Focal Attention
  • Type: Paper (Spiral Binding) or PDF file
    SKU: EN-EB1129
    Number of pages: 403
    Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
    Author: Alice Kassotaki - Speech Language Pathologist MSc, BSc
    Year of publication: 2024

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Customer Reviews

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