Sequences – Developing explanatory speech and writing

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  • Age: 5+

    This e-book «Sequences – Developing explanatory speech and writing» is aimed at developing sequencing and explanatory speech skills. Through structured activities, the child will learn how:

    to place events in chronological order;

    to explain the chronological order of events through specific steps;

    to recollect and use the right vocabulary;

    to respond to questions related to time orientation, and

    to structure their writing, applying sequencing rules

    The e-book consists of sixty picture cards with story sequencing activities for oral language practice as well as of sixty writing worksheets.

    1. In spoken language, a sequence is the order of similar things, the link between what precedes and what follows. It is the flow, the logical connection between concepts and thoughts. Sequencing is the ability we use when we analyze something into simple steps and place these steps in chronological order. We need sequencing skills to talk about a past event in a logical way so that people can follow the story. We need sequencing skills to understand how to perform certain multistep tasks that must be completed in a specific chronological order.

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      Author: Alice Kassotaki - Speech Language Pathologist MSc, BSc
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