Recognising, Expressing & Regulating Emotions | BASIC LEVEL

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Emotion management skills pose a major challenge for children on the autism spectrum and the people caring for them. All the more so because parents, teachers and therapists need to feel sure that the emotion management skills they are striving to foster will actually be applied by their children in practice.

The eBook series entitled Recognising, Expressing and Regulating Emotionsis setting out to bridge the ‘gap’ between theory and practice by equipping you with a comprehensive and ready-to-use methodology that genuinely builds your children’s ability to manage emotions autonomously.

This is the first eBook of the series and it focuses on enhancing children’s ability to recognise, express and regulate a set of five basic emotions.


The methodology presented prompts your students:

to recognise a set of five basic / primary emotions,

to think in depth about the primary emotions they experience by exploring their properties (intensity, quality, duration) and the situations that commonly trigger them,

to express five basic emotions e.g. by imitating facial expressions or bodily reactions to emotional states and

to regulate their emotions e.g. by applying explicitly taught emotion control techniques or learning to think of alternative ways to express their emotions.

This resource will be a valuable addition to your library as it stands out for its straightforward and structured approach, its extensive range of differentiated and colourful practice activities and a step-by-step progression across three distinct processing levels involved in the effective management of primary emotions: recognition, expression and regulation.


  • 11 pages of theoretical background information,
  • 187 worksheets,
  • 8 steps to train your students in recognising five basic emotions,
  • 9 ways to express basic emotions,
  • 6 techniques to regulate basic emotions,
  • 6 interactive games and activities,
  • 104 picture cards of five basic emotions.

Emotion management plays a crucial role in handling stress, mitigating aggressive behaviour and building healthy relationships. Using a rich set of imaginative, involving and interactive activities, this resource is sure to keep your students engaged and transform the way in which they manage emotional challenges.

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Author: Alice Kassotaki - Speech Language Pathologist MSc, BSc
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