Building Descriptive Skills Step-by-Step – Age: 4+

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Upbility has developed a comprehensive toolkit that brings together meaningful theory and enjoyable practice activities to help you guide your learners through every step of the process of building a description. Built around a set of colourful Picture Task Cards and focusing on objects, animals, people, places and situations that are central to children’s everyday life, this resource is ideal for young learners in preschool and primary school. 

The methodology section at the beginning of the e-book provides you with the theoretical underpinning and the tools you need to help your students learn how to generate descriptive vocabulary and organise their ideas effectively. Children are offered the opportunity to practice building descriptions across 5 thematic areas and the step-by-step approach of the book is reinforced by a set of 5 description templates – one for each thematic area – that break down the information used in a description into categories thus developing your learners’ potential in becoming more autonomous.

Offering an array of useful strategies, tips and engaging practice activities, this e-book ensures your young learners get meaningful practice in descriptive language skills. Laid-out in a user-friendly format, it has been specially designed so that it can be easily printed and laminated.

Included are:

- guidelines on how you can reinforce your learners’ descriptive language skills

- criteria for selecting an appropriate thematic area

- steps needed to structure a thorough description

- 5 templates / guides for developing a description

- 158 picture task cards with comprehensive notes for therapists, teachers and parents

- 100 tips on games and activities that can be used with the picture cards

The materials in this eBook have been carefully selected to meet the needs of speech therapists, special education teachers, preschool teachers, primary school teachers and parents who are looking for a ready-to-use resource to help their children become more confident in using descriptive language and develop a positive attitude towards expressing themselves.

Type: 1 pdf File
Size: 13 MB
SKU: EN-EB1022
Number of pages: 156
Author: Alice Kassotaki - Speech Language Pathologist MSc, BSc
Translation & Proofreading: Sofia Natsa
Readable on: PC / Mac, Tablet PCs, E-Readers
Printable format available: Yes 

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great book

I like the structured outline, I would prefer it in a flashcard form

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