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The inclusion of new concepts in pre-existing and known categories is constructed on the interaction between current semantic content and pre-existing knowledge. It can contribute to the immediate recall of information.

The e-book Semantic Correlations tries to establish a link between new and captured concepts. The goal is for the children to improve their lexical and semantic skills with the help of hierarchical structures that visualize the transition from the most general concept to the most specific one and vice versa.

The activities of this book are structured in two levels of difficulty.

In the first level, learners are given three words, one of which does not belong to the general category that is studied, and are asked to examine the concepts corresponding to these words. It is thus easier for children to group and classify these words according to the common semantic property that they share.

In the second level, learners are also given three words all of which belong now to the same general category that is studied. It is thus more difficult for children to identify the similarities of these concepts before grouping and classifying the words.

The activities of this e-book offer children the opportunity to develop the following skills:

  1. Word recall – Children must recognize and name the picture they see (particular field).
  2. Receptive language – Children must find matching pictures, assessing which of them have common features.
  3. Expressive language – Children must justify their answers, deploying their arguments verbally.
  4. Vocabulary development – Children must find and recall the words that belong to the same semantic group as the one they already know (interaction between current information and prior knowledge).
  5. Classification/categorization – Children must classify a word into the general group to which it belongs (general field).
  6. Semantic information – Children must describe what they have already gained about these words.

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Author: Alice Kassotaki - Speech Language Pathologist MSc, BSc
Translation & Proofreading: Rigli Maria
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Great resource

Useful for the summer break to keep things moving forward

Nancy K.

it's an excellent resource!

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