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Helping Your Child Succeed: Fostering a Love of Learning in Your Child

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Fostering a Love of Learning in Your Child


The e-book Helping Your Child Succeed: Fostering a Love of Learning describes the various challenges that can sidetrack children in their developmental and educational processes, leaving them with a sense of discouragement and helplessness. Such challenges include learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, behavior disorders, and executive functioning deficits. Left unchecked, these difficulties can cause children to develop the idea that they are not capable of success in school, precipitating a downward spiral of poor self-esteem and – eventually – school failure.

The good news is that much better outcomes can result when parents, teachers, and therapists engage children in strategies and activities that help them overcome their discouragement and develop their innate intelligence and strengths, resulting in a growth mindset and a love of learning. Detailed in this e-book are multiple strategies and techniques that can lead to these positive outcomes.


  • Identify common challenges that can disrupt children’s learning
  • List ways to teach children that there are many different ways to be intelligent
  • Identify techniques for helping children become aware of and use their own strengths
  • Identify ways to teach children how character strengths can help them overcome academic challenges
  • List strategies for helping children think positively by developing a growth mindset
  • List ways therapists can help children develop executive functioning skills

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Author: Adina Soclof, MS, CCC-SLP
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