Development of Auditory Processing

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Auditory Processing

Age: 4+

"Getting ready for school" is a series of e-books dealing with visual discrimination, graphophonology, auditory processing, math literacy, and fine motor skills. All these fields are closely related to each other and are an essential part of the learning process of children aged four and up. Their significance is reflected in a wide range of everyday activities.

This e-book "Development of Auditory Processing" contains structured exercises, activities, and tips for the development of auditory processing skills.

More specifically, you will find:

  • 90 printable worksheets,
  • 3 levels of difficulty,
  • simple instructions,
  • complex instructions,
  • activities for learning various concepts,
  • information-based search tasks, and
  • exercises requiring children to choose the appropriate description of a picture
There are also useful tips and guidelines for doing the exercises of the book. Completing its activities successfully is an important step to developing good auditory processing skills.

Type: 1 pdf File
Size: 12.6 MB
SKU: EN-EB1082
Number of pages: 95
Author: Collective Work – Upbility
Translation & Proofreading: Maria Rigli
Readable on: PC / Mac, Tablet PCs, E-Readers
Printable: Yes

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