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This is a brilliantly easy-to-use but fun and innovative resource to boost your students’ categorising skills while sparking deeper thinking! Beautifully illustrated and built around a set of targeted questions, it genuinely reinforces active learning and critical thinking.

The pack includes 60 printable double-sided picture cards and 3 suggestions for activities with the use of 2 special dices. What is more, it includes a part that is specially designed for tablets, so that the cards can also be used autonomously.

Each card features a full-colour picture with items from a specific category and a set of 4 questions that prompt students to contemplate on the distinctive features that determine the grouping of words in categories, think of additional lexical items in relation to a targeted category, justify their answers and essentially practice higher-order thinking skills.

This is a fabulous resource if you want to get your younger students beyond answering categorisation questions by recall alone and genuinely boost their critical thinking skills!    

Included are:

  • 60 printable double-sided picture cards,
  • 240 practice questions,
  • 3 different interactive games,
  • a printable box to store the cards,
  • printable dice templates for the games,
  • a part that is specially designed for tablets.

The card pack forms part of a whole set of materials that seek to support the development of 30 different skills and are aimed at various age groups. The cost for printing and laminating the materials is estimated at 6-10€ for each pack containing 60 cards. 

Type: 1 pdf File
Size: 8.6 MB
SKU: EN-EB1015
Number of pages: 99
Author: Collective Work – Upbility
Translation & Proofreading: Sofia Natsa
Readable on: PC / Mac, Tablet PCs, E-Readers
Printable format available: Yes 

Customer Reviews

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Michelle G.
Building social skills

The packs the opportunity for parents, teachers and health professionals to work together to assist a child or young person to rehearse land develop the social skills to fit into social situations. Would really appreciate an advanced level program to follow...

Desislava P.
Great materials

Great materials for kids with language delays!

We are delighted that you enjoyed our resource and thank you for taking the time to share your experience with others. We look forward to hearing again from you!

Heather K.
such a useful resource which

such a useful resource which took no time to prepare and is now a firm favourite in my tool kit

Thank you for taking the time to write this review, it is highly appreciated! We are glad you have found this resource useful.

Just love them... Thanks

I found this invaluable tool to assist with my students in support of learning

Thank you for taking the time to write this review, it is highly appreciated!

Excellent Resource

This is a very useful resource. It is organised logically and cuts down on therapy prep time considerably! The pictures are vibrant and engaging and it does SPARK lots of thinking and talking.

Thank you so much for your review! We really appreciate it.

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