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  • Age: 2-5 years

    The Preschool Speech Screener is intended to be used by speech language pathologists and special education professionals as a general guideline for determining if a child is performing at age-level, should revisit with a therapist in a few months, or requires a referral for a full evaluation in speech and language. It is divided into two age groups: ages 2-3 and ages 4-5.

    The Preschool Speech Screener examines:

    • receptive and expressive vocabulary
    • following directions
    • answering questions
    • expressive language and grammar usage
    • narrative structure
    • articulation
    • fluency
    • voice
    • pragmatics.

    1. The Preschool Speech Screener includes:

      • instructions for prompting each section
      • pictured items
      • data collection sheets
      • results forms for parents.
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      Author: Marissa Rocheleau – Speech-Language Pathologist M.A., CCC-SLP
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