Development of communication skills in children with ASD, through oral and written activities

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  • Age: 7 years and over

    The e-book “Development of communication skills in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), through oral and written activities” aims to help children who suffer from communication deficits but have developed some reading and writing skills. It is composed of seven individual chapters with semantic content of increasing difficulty.

    Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can have great difficulty communicating their thoughts and emotions orally, and sometimes that can extend to written language. In other cases, writing becomes a tool for self-expression and communication when they cannot express themselves appropriately in oral language. Some children prefer oral communication to written communication. Furthermore, they seem to understand oral messages better than written ones. If children use written language in a functional manner, we must help them to use it in an adequate way. The ultimate objective of this e-book is to facilitate the development of social, communication and language skills, through oral and written activities chosen according to the learning profile of the student.

    These activities deal with specific semantic content (biological sex, family, animal categories, means of transportation, home, colors, and seasons-clothes/accessories). Children are asked to recognize concepts, respond to open-ended and close-ended questions, and complete reading comprehension and writing tasks of increasing difficulty.

    There is also an appendix with 32 picture cards. It offers an overview of all the communication structures in which children were trained in each chapter. Its objective is to generalize them. It is advisable to use it once all the activities of the therapeutic intervention program are completed.

    1. Each chapter includes the following activities:

      • Recognizing, naming, and distinguishing the concept in oral and written language, through activities of increasing difficulty
      • Responding to open-ended and closed-ended questions
      • Reading comprehension activities
      • Writing activities


      The first chapter includes activities based on the theme: biological sex.

      The second chapter includes activities based on the theme: family.

      The third chapter includes activities based on the theme: animals.

      The fourth chapter includes activities based on the theme: means of transportation.

      The fifth chapter includes activities based on the theme: home.

      The sixth chapter includes activities based on the theme: colors.

      The seventh chapter includes activities based on the theme: seasons - clothes/accessories.

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