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The book Language Skills Assessment Test | 3–4 years is a reliable tool for assessing the receptive and expressive language skills of children aged three and four. The test is clearly designed to help you collect and evaluate evidence on learners’ performance and build up a picture of their language skills and deficiencies. Interpreting the results will allow you to decide on the intervention strategies that should be followed.

You earn 95 reward points.

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  • Assessment Test | 3–4 years

    Age Group : 3–4 years

    The book comprises a theoretical background, a user guidetest administration guidelines, and checklists.

    The Receptive and Expressive Language Skills Tests of this book are informal. They are not a standardized assessment method. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be conscientious when interpreting the results because this process will determine the intervention strategies that should be followed. The correct interpretation of the results requires testers’ good theoretical background and, at the same time, the use of other clinical information. The Language Skills Assessment Test | 3–4 years is available only for professionals (speech-language pathologists).

    Receptive language denotes the ability to understand information. It involves understanding the meaning of words and sentences in oral and written language.

    The book comprises question activities testing the receptive language skills of children. To assess children’s performance, you ask them to point to the correct answer to each question. Verbal communication is not necessary here.

    There are also expressive language activities. Expressive language skills involve the ability to label objects in the environment, describe actions and events, form sentences by putting words together, use morphosyntactic structures, answer questions, and tell or retell a story. To assess learners’ performance, you ask them to tell/utter the correct answer. Verbal communication is necessary.

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  •  Theoretical Background

    • Receptive Language — Understanding Language Skills
    • Receptive Language Difficulties
    • Symptoms of Receptive Language Disorders
    • Causes of Receptive Language Disorders
    • Diagnosis of Receptive Language Disorders
    • Treatment for Receptive Language Disorders
    • Expressive Language — Use of Language Skills
    • Expressive Language Difficulties
    • Symptoms of Expressive Language Disorders
    • Language Skill Areas
    • Language Developmental Milestones 0–4 years
    • Table of Receptive Language Skills
    • Table of Expressive Language Skills
    • Assessment Form
    • Pragmatic Language Profile of the Child
    • Checklist 1
    • Checklist 2
    • Test Administration Guidelines
    • Scoring Instructions

    Test Administration


  • Type: Paper or PDF file
    SKU: EN-EB1088
    Number of pages: 71
    Author: Alice Kassotaki - Speech Language Pathologist MSc, BSc
    Translation & Proofreading: Rigli Maria

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