“Getting ready for school” – A five-ebook set

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Age: 4+

The set comprises all five ebooks of the series entitled "Getting ready for school".

“Getting ready for school” is a series of books intended for children aged four and up. Its main objective is to help them develop five skills essential to school success. These skills are closely related to each other and can lay the foundations for children’s future school education.

All five ebooks comprise activities and tips for the development of Auditory Processing, Fine Motor Skills, Visual Discrimination, Mathematical Concepts, and Graphophonology.

The set has:
  • 551 printable worksheets;
  • various levels of difficulty;
  • exercises for identifying shapes, colours, size, and direction;
  • exercises for matching numbers, letters, and syllables;
  • activities for identifying similarities and differences in pictures;
  • tracing activities;
  • scissor cutting activities;
  • mazes;
  • pre-math activities;
  • exercises for identifying numbers and calculating;
  • addition and subtraction games;
  • activities for identifying patterns;
  • exercises for developing sorting and classification skills;
  • exercises for teaching concepts;
  • activities requiring children to follow simple and complex instructions;
  • rhyming games;
  • activities for identifying words;
  • activities for identifying and matching syllables and phonemes;
  • phoneme-tracing practice activities;
  • prewriting exercises
It should be noted that a child who has successfully completed the activities of all these books will have sufficiently developed all those skills that will determine their school success.

Type: 5 pdf Files
SKU: EN-EB1084
Number of pages: 573
Author: Collective Work – Upbility
Translation & Proofreading: Maria Rigli
Readable on: PC / Mac, Tablet PCs, E-Readers
Printable: Yes

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