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The e-book 'Written Language Production – Sentence Structure' is the first book of the three-part series 'Written Language Production'. It consists of a brief theoretical section and 206 worksheets organized on an increasing level of difficulty to facilitate the development of written skills in six stages:

  • Stages 1–3: Structure of a Simple Sentence
  • Stage 4: Structure of a Simple Sentence with Compound Elements
  • Stage 5: Forming Sentences with a Visual Aid
  • Stage 6: Forming Sentences without a Visual Aid


Oral and Written Language

Language can be oral and written. It requires the operation of complex mechanisms. Oral language includes listening and speaking, while written language reading and writing.

Speaking/listening and writing/reading constitute the two fundamental means of language production and perception. Oral language is direct and has many paralinguistic features, including tone of voice, eye contact, style, body posture, and gestures. Paralinguistic elements of communication play an important role in how meaning is conveyed, helping listeners interpret content appropriately (Barton). On the other hand, written language lacks all the above-mentioned paralinguistic features. It is not direct and does not encourage feedback (Barton).

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Author: Alice Kassotaki - Speech Language Pathologist MSc, BSc
Translation & Proofreading: Rigli Maria
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Customer Reviews

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Helen K.
Written Language Production | SENTENCE STRUCTURE

Great developmental approach to the process of sentence composition. The exploration of language in this way, of course, also helps to reinforce spoken language.

Kerri J.W.

Written Language Production | SENTENCE STRUCTURE

Karen T.
Sentence Structure

A terrific resource. Beautifully designed worksheets that progress in a lovely, systematic manner. Great for consolidating sentence formulation skills in the early school years.

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